2017 Resolutions and Goals

It’s tradition to make some resolutions for the new year. Naturally, I didn’t make any. #renegade

I really didn’t, but it was actually because I tend to lose track of time–horribly–and didn’t give resolutions much thought until it was too late. I guess it’s never *really* too late to make resolutions; I mean, if we waited until the start of a new year to change how we live or speak or think when we know we need to?? Ouch.

Now that it’s ALREADY FEBRUARY (what happened to January??!) and the Blog is up and running again, I knew I’d have to hunker down and sift my thoughts, ambitions, and hopes into something presentably coherent ^_^’. As usual, my headspace exploded, which was great; ideas! Not so accessible, but ideas! Dreams!! WOOT.


And then I read this post over at my friend Amy’s blog, Lifecta, and wished I’d been half as brilliant to choose something so easy to remember and that I’d be able to do successfully: she chose ONE WORD to encapsulate her aim for this year. Brill-iant.

I haven’t read much of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, but Yuzuki is quite the character *laughs*

All I had left to do was pick a word. After some deliberation and prayer, two words stuck out to me (of course it WOULD be two. I tried.)

The first was Prayer. As I alluded to in my first (reboot) post, my fellowship with God in prayer has been sorely lacking. Couple years back, a pastor in Clarkston, GA** challenged the congregation to think of one word–the first that came to our mind–when it came to the upcoming year. My answer had been fear. Still deep in the trenches of PTSD, I didn’t see the new as opportunity to move forward, but as something I wasn’t sure I could endure. God’s response was, “Prayer is the key.” The solution to overcoming fear, the solution to thriving amidst my heartache, and the solution to abolishing confusion was, and still is, prayer.

I’d like to say I listened to God in that moment and in the moments after (the pastor’s sermon turned out to be on…you guessed it, prayer being the key!), but I really didn’t. This year I want to commit to revitalizing what has withered by intentionally setting aside nightly quiet time.

The second was Breathe. It’s a reminder to stop and cool off–when I get stressed, when I am upset by something, when I am trying to scratch off things on a long to-do list and just can’t do it all, when I am even less than less than stellar in my writing endeavors, when I’m unsure of what I’m doing, when I’ve forgotten where I put [insert object] for the FOURTEENTH TIME even though I just saw it .3 seconds ago…I will breathe, take stock of reality (read: it’s going to be ok), and get back on track.

More specifically in the writing department:

I want to have Book 1 of SPHERES, Whispers & Murmurs, through the first round of betas by summer’s end. It has taken me so long…and then I find something that I dislike and bring out the red pen of doom, so…snail. That’s me as a writer. Or a sloth??

thinking-gif tumblr.gif
Yep. *Source: Tumblr*

And Yellow, Book 2. I plan to have that polished enough to hand betas by summer’s end.

Poetry?? After joining a newly discovered local group, I’ve reconsidered entirely giving up on publication. I may just self-pub (though I’ll never do so without much deliberation and several people giving me good feedback)…but thus far, I’ve been encouraged. Confession that probably every writer has but doesn’t voice: I really like my work (some of it, anyway -____-), but I am practically devoid of confidence. Is this really good enough? Am I just an egotistical wannabe??? DOES THIS EVEN MAKE SENSE?!!

I want to take on PAD and Camp NaNo in April…and actually win both.

I hope to sketch out one of the children’s book ideas that’s been bouncing around in my head for a good bit.

I hope to finish one of my short stories, mayyyybe two. #waytonotbeoverambitioustake2

Blog goals: Don’t suck.

harry .gif

^ I haven’t put much thought into that last one. *Throws popcorn at you from my blanket fort* But my next post will be this upcoming Tuesday. 😀

What are your current resolutions and/or goals? Any exciting projects going on?? If you had to choose just one word to describe what you’d like to accomplish this year, what would it be?
**Clarkston is home to many, many refugees. I was there because it’s where I completed my Cross-Cultural internship in partnership with Friends of Refugees. I was mentored by Scott Kelley, once Director of FoR. He’s currently the Founder and Executive Director of The Refuge Life. If you’re interested in supporting refugees, please take a peek at FoR and TRL and, if you’re willing, get involved. I’ve witnessed the immense impact people like Mr. Kelley and his family have had in the lives of refugees from Sudan, Bosnia, and Burma (to name a few).

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