Choose Love: Be Open-Minded

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Whether you’re in a relationship, contemplating being in one, yearning to find somebody, or loving your season of romantic solitude, I truly wish you the best.

As for me, I’ve now been married 4+ years (June will be our 5th anniversary! Time flies), and I’ve yet to make my husband any chocolate! I had plans (I always have plans :-), but they didn’t work hard enough. Clearly I’m going to have to tell them to get it together.


Maybe next year? Making chocolate with an almost 2 year old sounds fun…bit dangerous, but fun. Might as well make it a group effort and invite some friends over for a chocolate making party with all the children!! *cue evil laughter*


Although not historically the most innocent of holidays, the modern-day concept is–ideally–supposed to celebrate love. May you love well!

Because I suffered a lack of foresight about what day I’d be posting despite writing out all the dates in a notebook, I didn’t realize today’s post could be about love. I’d already decided to write about inflexibility! Thankfully, it quickly dawned on me that I could do both, so I am ^_^.

The other day I read an article by Mr. Chadwick Moore (“I’m a gay New Yorker–and I’m coming out as a conservative“), and it spurred my thoughts on the pitfalls of being inflexible (aka, in this scenario, being open minded). It’s obvious that neither “side”, conservative or liberal, or anything in-between is automatically open-minded. But the point I gathered from the article is that there is a shocking amount of intolerance bludgeoning people…and it’s often due to a simple, dogged refusal to accept or even consider alternate viewpoints.

And I get it; if you just know that something is right (or wrong), why should you bother entertaining anyone else’s position, especially if their position is the exact opposite of yours? I won’t bore you with a long list of the shortcomings of relativism (it’s one giant shortcoming. There. The end :D), but I will ask: is the tolerance we tout and cheer for actually tolerance when it includes only those who abide by a particular standard, and hangs the rest?

If you’re out and about proclaiming how tolerant you are and how much you accept others and how you’re such a progressive thinker, I charge you to pause and examine yourself as to whether or not you’re truly considering the other person by choosing to be open-minded. Being open-minded isn’t about becoming a jellyfish (read: spineless person ;-); it’s about being conscientious, circumspect, humble, and patient. It’s about seizing the opportunity to listen and learn, even if/when you think you know better. It’s about loving them.

Being open-minded celebrates common ground and builds bridges instead of walls and fortresses.

I’ll be the first to admit I have my work cut out for me, but the rewards far exceed the effort…so I choose to listen before I speak. I choose to respect and honor those with vastly differing worldviews, values, and moral standards. I choose to meet people where they are even if/when I cannot accept what they adhere to as truth. I choose love.

Choose with me.


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