2017 Mid-Winter Writers Conference

Writing/crit groups aren’t crucial in the writer’s life per se…but they have an incredible track record of epic when it comes to honing one’s skills. It seems like everyone who writes seriously urges fellow writers find an active group to throw themselves into.

I was interested, of course, but finding and joining a group was much harder than I thought it’d be, but after four years of living in Pell City, I found one! 🙂

Writers Anonymous is wonderful. To somewhat crudely summarize the monthly meetings: an evening of delicious food/snacks, wonderful people, and delightful poetry.

Shortly after getting involved with WA I learned about the Mid-Winter Writers Conference (which, blissful sidenote: it was held at the library, and I actually know where that is) and jumped at the chance to go.



I’ve not been to many writing conferences as they tend to 1) cost money and 2) make me drive or fly places and I can’t because a) money and b) #directionallychallengedprobs and 3) adulting with children=travel limitations.

I could go on for quite a while about Kathryn Lang and David Bennett (Homelife Magazine and Open Windows) and Ellen Sallas and many, many others…but today I just want to talk about one person, and one thing: Rita Moritz and her keynote speech, “Just Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done!”

Mrs. Moritz is an inspiration to me not only as a writer, but also as a Christian. Over Christmas, she lost her son. It was very sudden; he died of a heart attack. I had the honor of listening to snippets of her story about what had happened and the aftermath she’s been struggling through. I have never lost someone so dear to me, but being a PTSD survivor, I strongly resonated with her grief.

Her speech was, in an ineloquent nutshell, an encouragement and admonition to writers to write despite the obstacles that will inevitably stand in your way.

I was foolish and didn’t take notes T_T…so no bulleted 11-point list to share. Sorry! But the short and simple is this: if you want to write, write. It won’t be easy, it will take time, and you may not have much (or any) support. Write anyway.

It isn’t impossible to raise four kids, homeschool, and write. It is more than likely bound to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done…but it can be done. It isn’t impossible to work full time and go to college full time and write. It isn’t impossible to ace (or get decent grades) in all your classes, slay your extracurriculars and homework, spend QT with the fam/friends, and write.

Even if it’s only for ten minutes each day, write.


Have you been struggling to write lately? Are you pumping out shorts and poetry and novels like a boss? Whatever your story, I’m all ears and would love to encourage you today!

Write on. (:


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