Camp NaNo and PAD 2017

I tried to tackle Camp and PAD (Poem a Day) last year, and…wow. It was a pretty bad idea!

I alllmost succeeded for Camp. I was so close!! Only a couple thousand words (hours b/c I was editing) away. Then the last few days of the month ran me over like a semi and I didn’t make it. *sigh*

cat probs meme

As for PAD, not even gonna soften the blow, I failed miserably. MISERABLY. Within the first couple days I was already behind T_T, and it spiraled from there. I even kind of attempted to re-orient my thinking to, “Well, maybe one a week” or “I can just try the second half of the month!” No.


*Whispers* Nuur.

Granted, I was due in June and was still working (only part time but still), the house looked kinda bad…and the nursery was not even close to ready. No freezer meals prepped. I was basically a hot mess–no, also literally, because Alabama is crazy hot towards the end of spring and I was +50(+) pounds. I did not, I’m happy to say, have cankles at that point.

I know. Nobody cares. BUT I DID. Cankles are terrible. I despise sandals even more than I did before, and, fun fact: it was a lot, so hatred was upgraded to loathing status.


Anyway, once again, PAD and Camp are right around the corner! WOOHOO!

so excited meme

I know better than to wholly battle cry for both (see above failure, self)…but I do want to dip my toes in PAD while wielding the mighty pen of prose for Camp. I’m thinking 2, max 3, poems a week (and, if I can do more, great! If not, I will not kill myself. #goals). As for Camp…I’ve decided to switch things up by going for the Multiple. Not only will this help me achieve my word count because I’ll write a scene or two from one, then when I lag a bit I’ll switch gears into another story, but it’ll also help me to get my to-do list shortened faster (maybe??).

Thus far I think I’m going to go for the rewrite of the second half of Book 1; fill in the remaining K for Book 2; and draft an untitled contemporary standalone. I might even try to do a bit of a children’s series I’ve been bouncing around for a while now if I get bored. Ha

April is going to get very crazy and hopefully will be a productive month…which is why I’ve also decided to only do TWO POSTS during April. I’ll announce that again a couple times more this month. Just wanted to give a heads up 🙂

So…are you going to do PAD? Camp?? BOTH?! Let’s be buddies *^_^*! Tell me what you’re working on, what you’re thinking about, what projects have most excited you lately!


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