YASH *YA Scavenger Hunt*

**Graphic obviously from Yash.rocks**

Whenever YASH comes around–biannually, during the spring and fall–I cannot not highlight it. I tweet, post on facebook, tweet some more, and, usually, also post on the Blog.

The why is simple: YASH IS SUBLIME. STELLAR. STUPENDOUS. (As 9 would say, FANTASTIC.) So, clearly, a post is always in order.

*throws confetti at you*

*throws confetti at books*

*throws confetti at you*

*throws confetti at authors*


I love pretty much everything about YASH. Allow me to ramble and rave:

Reasons why YASH is possibly the best online bookish event ever:

  • Excerpts
  • Deleted scenes
  • You get to find out the favorite numbers of authors
    • Number love!!! (I really like numbers. Ironically, math is a snorefest to me)
    • Cleverness/secret number hiding techniques/l33t ninja skillz (calling all Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fans to frolic for .7 seconds)
  • Giveaways/SWAGGITY SWAG/Moar BOOKS
  • Team color love (Current contention level with the lack of team GREEN despite the whole St. Patrick’s Day theme? 154 out of 10)
  • You get to show author love
  • Rafflecopter and comment fun (pinterest boards, q+a)
  • Reading others’ comments/answers to questions
  • Did I mention the books?

I know what you’re thinking: Whoa, you listed books like 5 times. Cheating! Except it’s not, love, it’s not. The books can hear you and they are saddened by your lack of devotion.

And because I mentioned Swaggity Swag…

to the library

Could not resist. Sometimes you gotta snag those rare opportunities to express blatant book love like the weirdo you are.


Ok, that derailed pretty badly. Sorry. (Mostly. Not about Sokka though, Sokka’s golden.) Point being, you and YASH need to be buddies, and I want to help this happen! 🙂

The glorious history of YASH is at your fingertips, so if you want to learn more about how it all got started and whatnot, you can. Succinct version: YASH is an event in which YA authors–assigned to a team designated by color–hide their favorite number in their YASH post. Your job is to find and add them up, then enter them into the rafflecopter for a chance to win all the books on the team whose numbers you entered. Yes, that’s right–allll of them.


On the way, you can peruse the content of each post–excerpts and deleted scenes are popular–and, sometimes, authors will have an extra giveaway (books/swag)!

So. From April 4th at noon PST to the 9th at noon PST, show some author love and participate in the Hunt! Acknowledgement is one of the greatest gifts we can give to writers.

Will you be joining the Hunt this spring? If you could only pick one team to enter to win, which one would you choose and why?? What do YOU think about the lack of Team Green??! (<—the really important, existential-crisis-level question)

Happy Hunting!


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