April is HERE!

I meant to mention this at least once more last month, but I didn’t. And here we are, in April…

*laughs awkwardly* *grimaces*


Before you demand a reason for posting contentless drivel, I do have something to say: I will be posting only TWICE in April–and this post, because it is indeed contentless near-drivel, is not one of them. So if you’re wondering why the blog isn’t very active, it’s because I am and if I want to meet the goal of conquering Camp and PAD, I can’t be chillin’ like a villain and keeping up with my regular blog schedule.

Plus, I have this 800+ page book to read in like…6 days??

*laughs awkwardly again*

If you’re writing for Camp NaNoWriMo this April, find me and buddy me! (Waterfall17) Happy Writing, Wrimo. Here’s to you meeting your count goals!!

If you’re poeming, hurray!! Would love to connect with you here (or something. Find me on Twitter @lynannecarroll?). Happy poeming! May you pen all the poems. (And may all your bacon burn.)

If you’re not doing either of those things, Happy April!! And, to the book lovers out there: Most happy reading.





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