Finishing April (Like a Tortoise)

It’s been a wild month, hasn’t it?

For once I can say it was not this explosive whirlwind I couldn’t keep track of (in the form of ‘I can’t believe it’s almost May!’). Each day through was more like a doom-and-dread meter increasing oh-so-slowly because Today was yet another day to write and try to poem and reach a word count and (possibly) not collapse and disintegrate into a figurative pile of ashes.

tired need sleep gif.gif

Naturally more Tortoise than Hare, I set out knowing this was going to be a mega-marathon and being ok with that. The pressure is still there, though, and some days, maybe the whole collapse-combust thing would have been more feasible!

I plan to use today as a catch-up day because the bebe is with Grammy. I need this catch-up day like mashed potatoes need butter because the past few have been…well, like this rather squished image of Buttercup, which totally ages me and I don’t even care:

powerpuff need sleep

And I am so, so very tired. What is the point your brain and body dip past exhaustion into a vague, nonsensical land of (near?) no return??? I would let you know, but I don’t think I’d be able to. Honestly, struggling to even type right now, but sometimes insomnia strikes at stupid times because it is a vicious, vile thing.

Spiteful. 😐

Other than the camp of no-sleep-ever, April has gone fairly well. Muuuch better for Camp NaNo than for PAD hahaha…but honestly, who is surprised about this?

Fellow NaNoers and conquerors (or participants) of PAD:

What about you? Has your April been fabulous?? Not so fantastic as you’d hoped?

*Hands out virtual cake, cookies, and all other manner of sweets including tim tams with coffee and hot chocolate*

We still have 8 days. LET’S DO THIS.

LOTR yolo.gif
I about died laughing. We can do this!

And, for those of you who aren’t writing, I hope your April has been wonderful ^_^! I wish you much sleep.


Y’all. What if sleep was transferable? Or, better yet, the lack of sleep? I could give you all the hours I never got to use…oh, wait, No. I could use them…just transfer them to myself. :oooooooo


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