May is Here! And other things

We survived! Fellow Camp NaNoers and/or PAD challengers, congrats. Whether you achieved your personal aims or not this go ’round, I applaud you for your effort and ambition!

As for me, April went pretty well. Moreso during the first half than the second, but hey. No real complaints here. I achieved my goals for Camp, completed around half of the PAD challenges–or at least got some solid, working outlines to revise.

Honestly though….it could have gone better. Part of that was laziness (or exhaustion and laziness, but I’m not splitting hairs here), part of it was the sadly typical existential (writer) crisis*, and part of it was being hit with some horrific family drama SMACK DAB in the middle of April.

Coincidence? I think NOT.  *Squinty eyes*

T_T T_T *Cue world’s smallest violin*

*Same old: What if this whole writing thing really isn’t for me? What if I’m just not meant to write? (Am I always going to suck this badly??! y cant I write good?!) ET CETERA

Writerly plans for May:

  • Write. Be ok with (some) of it still being horrible. Cue less crises.
  • Resume blogging schedule–which, btw, may have to be altered again in the near future because after said family drama there was a rainbow and rainbows need attending to.
  • Revise those poems and enjoy the WA meeting (that last one’s gonna be tough ;)!
  • MOST EXCITED ABOUT?? My review post of THIEF’S CUNNING by Sarah Ahiers. *Fangirls again about winning an ARC during YASH*


What are some of your plans for May? If they involve cheesecake, you get quadruple points for being fantastic. Not that anyone’s counting.

(Except me, of course. Someone’s got to do it. I wouldn’t be able to award you virtual cheesecake and high fives if not.)


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