Thought I’d be professional this go ’round until I questioned my decision by asking, “What would Pusheen do?” Hmmm.

(More) seriously, I thought writing what everyone else writes and most expect would be so tedious. To the point. Tad boring.

Then I remembered: OH RIGHT! I had a blog. This is the move and revamp of said blog and oh hey, I could just copy/paste O.O. Woot!

*Cue internal debate*

Is it ok to do that? *fidgets*

Lazy? Brilliant? Both (or neither)?? But definitely easy. I have a child who doesn’t love sleep. Easy=a stunning choice. *_*

In the end, I still felt guilty about it though, so I had to change it. (Laughs)



This line has been instrumental in helping my introverted, quirky self to initiate many online conversations that otherwise may never have happened. Everyone likes cheesecake, and let’s face it, the line is awkwardness at its finest–tension reliever!

If you don’t like cheesecake, it’s ok. Cheesecake forgives you.

When I have no idea how I should start a conversation or introduce myself, this is how I break the ice. I may have used this line in person, but honestly, I don’t remember so either it went reaally well and the beauty of friendship eclipsed the moment…or, option C, it went so horribly I blocked the memory. Option A: It never actually happened. *shrugs*

I do, in fact, like cheesecake (alright fellow Sherlockian, calm down, I know that was challenging to discern with all my talk of cheesecake and awkwardness),
but I like other things more: good conversation, anime/manga, hot chocolate mixed with a candy cane, LOTR movies/novels/pez, stunning novels that melt me into a puddle of feels with their epicness, writing poetry/lyrics/(hopefully?!)novels, and Van Helsing (the MOVIE)…among other things, like breathing.

When it comes to favorites, suffice it to say that I love them and will never give them up. 😀

I graduated from Toccoa Falls College in 2012 with a B.S. in Cross-Cultural Studies (and minors in Philosophy and Youth Ministry :-), shortly after which I married a southern gentleman who affectionately calls me a Yankee and who managed to cajole me into staying in the South. I work part-time at a daycare and have the privilege of spending the majority of my days (and nights) with our sweet little firecracker. (Irony? Her name means divine strength. *cries*)

I’d write more, but I’m sure I would only bore you. Unless you are like me and love reading/hearing what people have to say about themselves and their lives. As Mushu would say, you can sit by me!

記憶したか。<–You are (even more) fantastic if you can tell me who said this 😉


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