May is Here! And other things

We survived! Fellow Camp NaNoers and/or PAD challengers, congrats. Whether you achieved your personal aims or not this go 'round, I applaud you for your effort and ambition! As for me, April went pretty well. Moreso during the first half than the second, but hey. No real complaints here. I achieved my goals for Camp, completed around half … Continue reading May is Here! And other things


Practicing Thankfulness

In the moments before I sit down to eat my lunch, read a book, or enjoy something so luxurious as a hot shower, I think, wow, there is a staggering amount of wonderful in my life to be thankful for. Comparatively or otherwise, I have so much to be thankful for. But sometimes...I don't act very thankful. I forget to be grateful … Continue reading Practicing Thankfulness

Breaking My Sense of Entitlement

Today's post is going to be short. No graphics (your heartfelt tears of anguish will go to good use as novel fodder). Why? Winter Jam on Friday into Saturday, major house cleaning afterward in a mad scramble because the little was with her grandparents, the all-day at church typical Sunday, and the no-sleep that ensued … Continue reading Breaking My Sense of Entitlement

Why You Need To Investigate Your “Writer’s Block”

Writer's Block. The archnemesis of writers. The destroyer of would-be words. The...uh....... Oh forget it. Ok, obviously being blocked is a huge issue...because unless you take the time to resolve it (even if only tempo7rarily), you're going to be hard-pressed to get anything down. For a writer, that's like trying to travel the Kalahari with just … Continue reading Why You Need To Investigate Your “Writer’s Block”

Is It Okay To Just Be Yourself? know it's the end of the day when you attempt to link up to Beautiful People by typing in 'Beautiful People' instead of 'Paper Fury'.... Sadly it cannot be the end of the day as there is writing to be done. Cooking to be done. Eating, of course. And editing (for a friend). You know … Continue reading Is It Okay To Just Be Yourself?

Choose Love: Be Open-Minded

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤ Whether you're in a relationship, contemplating being in one, yearning to find somebody, or loving your season of romantic solitude, I truly wish you the best. As for me, I've now been married 4+ years (June will be our 5th anniversary! Time flies), and I've yet to make my husband any chocolate! I … Continue reading Choose Love: Be Open-Minded