May is Here! And other things

We survived! Fellow Camp NaNoers and/or PAD challengers, congrats. Whether you achieved your personal aims or not this go 'round, I applaud you for your effort and ambition! As for me, April went pretty well. Moreso during the first half than the second, but hey. No real complaints here. I achieved my goals for Camp, completed around half … Continue reading May is Here! And other things


Camp NaNo and PAD 2017

I tried to tackle Camp and PAD (Poem a Day) last year, It was a pretty bad idea! I alllmost succeeded for Camp. I was so close!! Only a couple thousand words (hours b/c I was editing) away. Then the last few days of the month ran me over like a semi and I didn't … Continue reading Camp NaNo and PAD 2017

Why You Need To Investigate Your “Writer’s Block”

Writer's Block. The archnemesis of writers. The destroyer of would-be words. The...uh....... Oh forget it. Ok, obviously being blocked is a huge issue...because unless you take the time to resolve it (even if only tempo7rarily), you're going to be hard-pressed to get anything down. For a writer, that's like trying to travel the Kalahari with just … Continue reading Why You Need To Investigate Your “Writer’s Block”

2017 Mid-Winter Writers Conference

Writing/crit groups aren't crucial in the writer's life per se...but they have an incredible track record of epic when it comes to honing one's skills. It seems like everyone who writes seriously urges fellow writers find an active group to throw themselves into. I was interested, of course, but finding and joining a group was much harder than I thought … Continue reading 2017 Mid-Winter Writers Conference