Camp NaNo and PAD 2017

I tried to tackle Camp and PAD (Poem a Day)┬álast year, It was a pretty bad idea! I alllmost succeeded for Camp. I was so close!! Only a couple thousand words (hours b/c I was editing) away. Then the last few days of the month ran me over like a semi and I didn't … Continue reading Camp NaNo and PAD 2017


2017 Resolutions and Goals

It's tradition to make some resolutions for the new year. Naturally, I didn't make any. #renegade I really didn't, but it was actually because I tend to lose track of time--horribly--and didn't give resolutions much thought until it was too late. I guess it's never *really* too late to make resolutions; I mean, if we … Continue reading 2017 Resolutions and Goals